Alberta 40-Hr Professional Security Guard Training - Level 1

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Course Summary:

  • Physical security & crime prevention
  • Professionalism & public relations
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Use of force
  • Ethics, department & professional conduct
  • HAZMAT awareness
  • 55 videos, 108 text lessons, 65 quizzes
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We are the FIRST Online Training Provider Approved by the Alberta Ministry of Justice.

APPROVED - 40 hour basic security training course

100% ONLINE - available 24/7

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EASY-TO-FOLLOW course material. Read or Listen to the course with our unique text voice-over feature

STEP-BY-STEP guide to writing concise incident reports

1000's of students have successfully taken our course to get their licence

ALBERTA PROVINCIAL EXAM INCLUDED - Upon satisfactory completion of the course we will arrange for you to take the Alberta Provincial Exam (written in-person).

Professional Security Guard Training Level 1 - Alberta

Over 200 Dynamic Elements

  • 55 videos
  • 108 text lessons
  • 65 quizzes and chapter tests

Designed for Alberta Students including essential elements:

Alberta Workplace Safety and Health Act

  • Personal Safety at Work (Alberta)
  • Alberta Working Alone Plan
  • Alberta Landlords & Tenants - The Law and You
  • Alberta Human Rights

Course material includes:

  • The role of a security guard
  • Physical security and crime prevention
  • Classification of information
  • Computer security
  • Workplace accident prevention and first aid
  • Preventing infection - blood-borne pathogens
  • Professionalism and public relations
  • Ethics, deportment and professional conduct
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Diversity awareness and sexual harassment
  • Telephone techniques
  • Handling crisis and the media
  • Dealing with angry, and disturbed persons/ strategic verbal strategies
  • Interacting with disturbed persons
  • Dealing with intoxicated individuals
  • Crowd control
  • The security officer and the legal system
  • Powers of arrest
  • The Criminal Code / Canadian Legal Authority
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Use of force
  • Access control and alarm systems
  • General patrol techniques
  • Note taking and report writing
  • The rules of criminal evidence
  • Response to immediate crisis
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Categories of fire
  • Types of extinguishers
  • HAZMAT awareness
  • Responding to bomb threats
  • Evacuations
  • Traffic control and direction concepts
  • Labor disputes
  • Interacting with others in the justice system
  • Security and police relations
  • Appearing as a witness
  • Accident scene management

All you need is:

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Computer (MAC or PC)
  • Works on Tablets, iPads and Smartphones
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  Paige M., Winnipeg, MB

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