Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being Your Own Boss

Is it possible to become a self-employed security guard? Absolutely!

Many people work as freelance guards and work at specific events or on a casual basis with various companies. Working on a freelance basis has many advantages such as being able to choose when you work, travel opportunities, and gaining a wide variety of work experience. Of course nothing is without its disadvantages. The disadvantages of working as a freelance security guard could include a difficulty in finding work, being away from home for long periods of time, and having difficulty getting any kind of promotion within one company.


Freelancing also helps you establish a valuable network of professionals within the security industry if you’re looking to start your own security business. Here are 6 steps for starting your own security business:


1.)    Pick a name for your business and register it with the Companies Office in your province or territory. They will also provide you with a Business Number for tax purposes. Also secure any permits you will need to operate.


2.)    Make a business plan that includes the purpose of your business, how you will fund your business and the monthly operating costs involved. There are many business plan templates available online.


3.)    Find funding. Are you going to pay to start up your business out of your own pocket or will you seek external funding? You could get a bank loan, a business grant or find an investor.


4.)    Find venues or companies that will contract your company and get your name out there so the public knows you exist. Now would be a good time to use that network of security industry contacts you established.


5.)    Hire guards. Make sure that all your guards are certified to the standards of your provincial government and are of good character. Remember that they represent YOU now, not just a faceless company.


6.)    Make sure you have insurance and a reliable payroll system set up. As an employer you are responsible for paying the CPP and EI contributions for your employees.


Running your own business is challenging and time-consuming but if you love that you do it’s worth the effort.


Posted by Chanelle Boudreau at 12:02 PM

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